The Flintoff’s Calendar.

In the beginning was a thought. And the thought was that maybe we could have calendars printed, give them to clients for free, and if the world didn’t end, perhaps that therapy would sweeten the bitter bile of parsimony that rises from deep in the stomach of every accountant. And further, if we provided our own photo’s, then that wouldn’t cost anything, would it?

In fact we have several keen photographers in the team, and clients are welcome to contribute too, (yes, that means you) and so it has come to pass that the annual calendar is indeed unique. And modestly we observe that the quality of the images has improved year on year, and so the calendar has become a celebration of creativity, and a nod to the fact that we live in a pretty amazing corner of the world and that it’s healthy to notice and appreciate that.

(Are you perhaps a client who has never received a free calendar? Many mail boxes get bombarded with calendars, so we don’t post them out. You have “sort a gotta be” in the right place at the right time, we print a limited number to keep them exclusive! So if you do want one, make sure you let us know!)

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